Mathematical Physics is the discipline of solving physically motivated problems in a mathematically rigorous way. As such it has become an extensive research area at the intersection of Mathematics and Physics with a long tradition in Vienna as is evidenced by such illustrious names like Boltzmann, Schrödinger, and Thirring. Many of the currently studied questions in Theoretical Physics require high-level mathematical skills. In order to be prepared for research in this area one therefore needs to study a variety of mathematical methods and acquire a strong intuition for the relevant physical theories and questions.

Offering a program that ensures this education is the aim of the Master Class Mathematical Physics at the University of Vienna.

Important: The MCMP is an initiative within the master programs "Mathematics" and "Physics" at the University of Vienna. It is not a master program itself. In order to join the MCMP, you need to be enrolled in the master program "Mathematics" or "Physics" at the University of Vienna.

20 Jänner 2020


20 Jänner 2020
ESI Vienna (Boltzmanngasse 9A)

Talk by Jan Rosseel (Faculty of Physics)