The Vienna Master Class Mathematical Physics (MCMP) is aimed at highly-motivated students with a Bachelor’s degree in either Mathematics or Physics with the ambition to conduct their Master studies with a focus on Mathematical Physics on a highly competitive level.

The MCMP is a joint initiative of the Faculties of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Vienna within the Master programs "Mathematics" and "Physics". It consists of a series of independent lectures and seminars from both faculties on the subject of Mathematical Physics. The lecture courses offer a variety of topics reaching from General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, and String Theory to Differential Geometry, Functional Analysis, and Advanced Partial Differential Equations.

The MCMP is supervised by a group of researchers from both faculties (members) who serve as mentors and potential supervisors for Master theses as part of the Master Class program. Collecting 40 ECTS from the  MCMP lecture courses and writing a Master's thesis will be the requirements for successful completion of the MCMP which will be accredited by a letter of recommendation by the members for entering e.g. PhD programs in the area.

The courses of the MCMP are not supposed to be attended on top of the regular master curriculum but on the contrary, they serve as a substantial part of the regular Master’s degree that the students acquire from their Faculty.


  • High class research oriented lecture program.
  • Access to international leading experts on current topics in Mathematical Physics for research in the Master thesis.
  • Close supervision and guidance throughout the Master studies with a focus on topic-choice, future opportunities and career options.
  • Certificate validating the education and achievements of the individual student in the field of Mathematical Physics.